Onboard, Offboard, and Audit Users in Seconds

Simplify SaaS user management and increase security across your tech stack.

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Reduce onboarding time
Reduce offboarding time
Integrate asset management
Eliminate data entry errors

Save time, save money, increase security

UserHQ reduces SaaS clutter and gives you back peace of mind. Ironically, User HQ does not have a central user directory that syncs to your other apps. Instead, think of User HQ more like a puppet master. We pull all the right strings in all the right apps, so you don't have to.

Centralized Onboarding

Fill out user details one time, from one central portal, including the nitty gritty details like license type, groups, roles, etc., and blast it out to any and all apps you need at the press of a button.

Centralized Offboarding

Search across all apps for a specific user, get detailed results showing everywhere they were found in real time, and delete or disable the user in each app they were found in. Automatically create an offboarding ticket in Jira, ServiceNow, or others, documenting the offboarding.

User Auditing

Compare termination reports, HR systems, and contractor lists with your SaaS apps. UserHQ creates real time or nightly updated reports telling you who should and should not have access to your systems, who the rogue accounts are, where they exist, and allows you to quickly take action to remedy the situation, all from our portal.

Contractor Management

Maintain accurate contractor records for users at your company from within our portal. We store all key details needed to track your contractors across your SaaS apps, and as soon as they are let go, we scan your systems to let you know where the contractor was found.

Data Archival

Archive any User's Drive and Email data, any time. Even better, automatically archive it when the user is offboarded. Now with archival, offboarding a user across all apps, while maintaining data records, happens in seconds.

Automated Workflows

Sync new hires and offboardings directly from your HR system into all of the apps you choose. We sync from HR to get it right the first time and then we continously sync your HR data to all downstream apps you choose, ensuring your environment stays accurate.

Integrated With Leading SaaS Platforms