User HQ

We simplify SaaS user management and increase security across your tech stack.

Our Platform

From user onboarding to offboarding and beyond, we empower IT staff and the leadership team to work symbiotically to ensure proper access, as well as proper removal of user accounts and licenses upon termination, in all connected systems.


User HQ leverages user data that is aggregated from your applications and generates reports which are updated daily, or on demand, to give actionable insight into your environment.


User HQ takes user data from a source of truth, typically a company's HR system, and automatically pipes key user fields to connected downstream applications.


User HQ serves as a database to keep track of all the contractors within your company as well as terminated user records, since we have found there is usually no centralized place, and this often ends up being handled by CSV and Excel files.


User HQ not only creates the base user object (first name, last name, title, department, manager, email address) but also enables the admin to select key fields within that system such as groups, roles, licenses, privileges, etc.


User HQ gives administrators the ability to lock the user in any and all the systems that they are found in, and send email notifications to various addresses letting people or teams know where the user was found, and what systems they were locked in.


User HQ enables administrators to view the list of all users and their details in every connected system. We create one seamless interface for business leaders to access user data in any and all applications, whenever they want it.

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